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A-list Selection: If you don´t have a specific property picked out yet, we can help filter the list down for you. Often estate agents will show you a list of homes that seem to be just what you are looking for, only to find out later (and sometimes too late) that it´s impossible to get that building license for the 2nd floor you wanted, or worse... Give us the characteristics you´re looking for (ie: country home to start a bed and breakfast business), and we´ll make sure all the properties you see can legally support that activity and are free of other problems so you don´t waste your time or make a major purchase error.

Research: We do in-depth zoning and background research for your property investment to ensure everything goes smoothly. We filter all properties that we bring to you, and can also research properties you bring to us. We´ll make sure there are no surprises or zoning plans that could affect your investment down the road.

Real Bi-Cultural Advice:
After over a decade of working in the Spanish property market, we have volumes of expert advice to offer. We can point out flaws in existing constructions or suggest potential renovations or alternate uses. We can help you consider a prime location if you plan to start a business, or give advice on pricing and even assist with negotiations. We can also help you find licensed contractors and make sure any new constructions follow all current construction codes.

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